Kyrie DeMay


Level 2 Stylist, REDKEN Certified Colorist, Kyrie DeMay is on a mission to create hair that is personally tailored to each guests needs. After spending some time navigating the fine arts, Kyrie attended the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Lincoln Park. After graduating as a cosmetologist, she began training under the talented stylists at Logan Parlor.  Kyrie loves color, especially getting her paws into hand-painting techniques. One of her biggest considerations when working with a guest is to give them cut and color that does not require unrealistic steps at home. She does love a fancy blow out, though! If anyone needs a pick-me-up, Kyrie has plenty of photos of her perfect cat child to brighten your day!

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Tel: (872) 206-2682
3251 W Fullerton Chicago, IL 60647